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A short tribute to Mike Keiser and Bandon Dunes.

A short tribute to Mike Keiser and Bandon Dunes.

We’re back, and as we continue a short hiatus between seasons one and two of The Fire Pit, we continue to go through our first season of recordings and extract some relevant nuggets or unpublished stories from our distinguished list of guests.

 With all that’s happening this week at Bandon Dunes in Oregon, most notably the U.S. Amateur, we’ve created another mini pod serving as a short tribute to owner Mike Keiser and all that he has done to golf in America and for golfers all over the world. 

We hear from Keiser, David and Jimmy Kidd, Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw and more.

Mick Peters feature.

Bob “Shoe” Gaspar, Director of Outside Happiness feature.

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Fire Pit Productions
The Fire Pit Podcast
In the 25 years of covering golf, the development of the game, courses and the camaraderie that’s core to the culture, it was time for Matt to share some of the best stories he has heard around fire pits all over the world. From PGA Tour players, caddies, architects, avid amateurs and buddies-trip planners, Matt has forged relationships with some of the most colorful and influential people in the game. So grab a drink, a seat and settle in. We’re getting to the essence of one story per podcast. A narrative so deep and meaningful, you save it for a post-round fire pit, which is where no one is in a hurry for the night to end.