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2021 Wishbone Brawl

2021 Wishbone Brawl

It’s the fourth Annual Wishbone Brawl at Goat Hill Park in Oceanside, Calif. It’s Saturday, November 20, and it’s a perfect afternoon for tournament golf at a 4,500-yard par-65 municipal where everyone in the community is committed to the vibe of “World Class for the Working Class.”

Class is at the core of the Wishbone Brawl, which was an idea Dean Wilson pitched to John Ashworth five years ago. Four players, two teams, best-ball and skins, persimmon woods, kids as caddies, no ropes, dogs encouraged, great attitudes are mandatory and all money raised goes to support junior golf. 

A quick history:

In 2017, Wilson, who lives in San Diego and has invested in Goat Hill Park, teamed up with Xander Schauffele, who grew up playing in San Diego and played for San Diego State. They beat Charley Hoffman and Chris Riley, who were UNLV teammates and now both live in San Diego. 

In 2018, Brawl 2, Wilson brought his friend Mike Weir and they beat Schauffele and Hoffman.

In 2019, Geoff Ogilvy, paired with Riley, had the walk-off ace from 133-yards on the ninth hole in a sudden-death playoff against Wilson and Schauffele.

2020 was cancelled due to Covid.

But this year, the Brawl was back, bigger and better than ever. Due to a fast flood of early interest, Ashworth had to close ticket sales on Tuesday before the Saturday event. Having had roughly 400 people in the gallery in 2019, in 2021, it was looking like there would be more than 1,000. Our team at the Fire Pit Collective partnered with the production company of KuenyPearson to go live on The edited version of the broadcast as well as other perspectives on the day can now be found at

In this podcast, you’ll get some of the best action and reaction, added perspective and reflections from players, caddies and people in the crowd.

Schauffele and Wilson are paired together again. And today they’re playing against Fred Couples and Will Kropp.

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